The CommuniTEE Mission

Bringing Transparancy, Equity and Engagement to the Planning Process


Planning Consultants for Communities not Developers

Planning is a key way people can influence their community, but it has become increasingly technical and difficult to understand. From Planning applications to development plan reviews, having your say in your area can be confusing, time consuming and expensive. 

CommuniTEE was born from a desire to remove the barriers to people engaging in planning their local areas. We do this through workshops, capacity building, and co-authoring submissions. 


Client Testimonials

Honest Reviews

Interesting Topic- I had no idea I'd be so interested. A fabulous workshop thats a must for anyone who cares about the future of their communities

Dublin Workshop Participant

I have to admit I didnt really think much about Planning, but the workshop really made the whole issue accessible and interesting. This course should be nearly mandatory!

Policy Officer

Really engaging workshop that explained the process and how ordinary people can participate in the process of planning & decision making. Made the whole thing accessible and definitely increased my interest & enthusiasm to participate in future with the system!

Cork Workshop Participant


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